About UAK

UAK (Young Professional Women in Iceland) was founded in May 2014 by Lilja Gylfadóttir and was officially launched in September later that year.

The main objectives are encouraging equality, paradigm shift and advancement in society.
Young Professional Women in Iceland want to promote a society where all people are equal and offered the same opportunities no matter their gender. Our goal is to strengthen the position and future of young women as managers and members of the economy. UAK works towards equality through education, discussion and encouragement.

UAK’s members have a diverse professional background, where some members are already working in their field expertise, while others seek higher education. It’s an organization for women that want to succeed in various fields of the economy There is no criteria or age limit to join the organization. As long as women find themselves within the organization, they are welcome. UAK is open to new registrations throughout the year and all women who are interested are encouraged to register.

The organization seeks to create a forum for women to learn, and to promote and empower each other. The network between women who share similar values in pursuing their goals is invaluable. The organisation offers a great variety of educational and networking events every month. Each event aims to encourage young women, inspire them and assist them in developing their skills.