Board of UAK

UAK's board is elected at the organization's Annual General Meeting. The Board is comprised of seven members, each one elected for two years at a time. The current Board is: Amna Hasecic, Andrea Gunnarsdóttir, Bjarklind Björk Gunnarsdóttir, Björgheiður Margrét Helgadóttir, Ingveldur María Hjartardóttir, Kristjana Björk Barðdal and Vala Rún Magnúsdóttir.

Amna Hasecic
Marketing Manager
Phone: +354 849 6685

Amna is a 27 year old with a bachelor degree in Tourism Studies and Marketing from the University of Iceland, she also holds a masters dagree in Marketing and International Business from the the same university.

Andrea Gunnarsdóttir
Account Managaer/Vice Chairman
Phone: +354 663 0403

Andrea is a 25 year old with a bachelor degree in Engineering Management from Reykjavík University. She works as a technical consultant at AGR Dynamics. She was a board member of UAK 2016 – 2018 and is an One Young World ambassador.

Bjarklind Björk Gunnarsdóttir
Conference Manager
Phone: +354 774 2702

Bjarklind is a 24 year old mother and a psychology student at the University of Reykjavík.

Björgheiður Margrét Helgadóttir
Phone: +354 897 9909

Björgheiður is a 29 year old engineer with a M.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering from Reykjavík University. She works as a Project Manager – DSM, Engineering at Alvotech Iceland.

Inga María Hjartardóttir
Social Media Manager
Phone: +354 896 5252

Inga María is a 27 year old music manager from Akranes with a BMus degree from Berklee College of Music in Boston. She works as a Marketing Specialist at Síminn.

Vala Rún Magnúsdóttir
Phone: +354 849 4728

Vala Rún is 23 years old with a bachelor degree in Engineering Management from Reykjavík University. She works in the marketing team at 66°North and a podcast host at Útvarp101.

Kristjana Björk Barðdal
Communication Manager
Phone: +354 858 7862

Kristjana is 25 years old and holds a BSc in both industrial engineering and computational science from the University of Iceland. Today Kristjana is doing a master’s degree in industrial engineering as well as working as a business analyzer at the City of Reykjavík. Kristjana also freelances as a hackathon advisor and is a board member at Ský.

Former Boards

2019/2020: Snæfríður Jónsdóttir (Chairman, Amna Hasecic, Auður Albertsdóttir, Björgheiður Margrét Helgadóttir, Kolfinna Tómasdóttir and Vala Rún Magnúsdóttir.

2018/2019: Sigyn Jónsdóttir (Chairman), Anna Berglind Jónsdóttir, Auður Albertsdóttir, Ásbjörg Einarsdóttir, Kolfinna Tómasdóttir and Snæfríður Jónsdóttir.

2017/2018: Sigyn Jónsdóttir (Chairman), Andrea Gunnarsdóttir, Anna Berglind Jónsdóttir, Ásbjörg Einarsdóttir, Elísabet Erlendsdóttir and Helena Rós Sturludóttir.

2016/2017: Margrét Berg Sverrisdóttir (Chairman), Andrea Gunnarsdóttir, Dagný Engilbertsdóttir, Elísabet Erlendsdóttir, Guðbjörg Lára Másdóttir and Helena Rós Sturludóttir.

2015/2016: Lilja Gylfadóttir (Chairman), Andrea Karlsdóttir, Guðbjörg Lára Másdóttir, Karen Ósk Gylfadóttir, Margrét Berg Sverrisdóttir and Melkorka Þöll Vilhjálmsdóttir.

2014/2015: Lilja Gylfadóttir (Chairman), Kristel Finnbogadóttir (Vice Chairman), Andrea Karlsdóttir, Karen Ósk Gylfadóttir and Rakel Guðmundsdóttir.