Young Professional Women, (UAK) continue their work towards strengthening the position and future of young women as managers and members of the economy.

Young women won’t wait for things to change, our aim is to create the society we want to live in. Joining us for the conference are extraordinary women who all share in having used their work to fight for equality and have made an impact in their field of work.

 In addition to the conference, UAK will offer ticket holders and members of UAK to attend a variety of exciting events in the days prior.



Young Professional Women

Bjarklind Björk, conference manager of UAK welcomes guests


Katrín Jakobsdóttir, Prime Minister of Iceland, delivers the opening remarks

Dare to find your passion

Tech industry needs talented people from all backgrounds. We should never underestimate ourselves or let lack of certain skill sets dictate our future. Find your passion and dare to dream as there is a need for all of us in the tech industry.

Caritta Seppa
Co-founder and COO at Tespack

Progress in accordance to passion

How do we harness our passion to bring about change and influence the economy? What do we need to sacrifice in order to work in line with our values and how does that affect our own professional satisfaction.

Sigríður Margrét
Managing director at Lyfja

Sigyn Jónsdóttir
VP of Professional Services, Men&Mice

Workshop: Strengthen your creativity and make an impact

Creativity is one of the most important resource of today's society, and it matters a diverse group of people create the future together. During this workshop we will cover what we can do to strengthen our own creativity and what steps we can take in order to promote equality when it comes to creativity.

Birna Dröfn Birgisdóttir



Making sense of feminism

Even though feminism has had a large resurgence in the last decade, many people still feel vary of the word, wondering how it differs from basic human rights, for example. In this talk, Holten will elaborate on why she became a feminist, and why she feels this movement has so much to offer in our time.

Emma Holten
Activist and political consultant at Women's Council Denmark

One goal - different journeys

To embrace feminism is not straightforward. Few other movements provoke such negative reactions, and taking a stand on women's rights can disadvantage your career, and even have profound effects on your personal life. So it's meaningful to stop up and ask: what is feminism giving us for all our troubles? How can we use feminism actively in our daily lives, and what are the changes we long to see?

María Bjarnadóttir
Lawyer and a PhD student

Emma Holten
Activist and political consultant at Women's Council Denmark

Follow the Sea Within

Hrund will elaborate on how big decisions have brought her closer to her own intuition as well as how much it has shaped her career, which is in many ways unusual. In the age of uncertainty and rapid change that characterizes the world today, we rely much more on intuition than we usually realize. Hrund will also touch on her extensive international experience and what tools have been useful to her there.

Hrund Gunnsteinsdóttir
Managing Director of Festa - center for sustainability


Coffee break

Entrepreneurship in the Middle East: Female challenges and Opportunities

Entrepreneurship is one of young people’s survival mechanisms in the Middle East. Although the Middle East has been suffering disruptions, young people developed resilience and innovation as a tool of survival. Yet, challenges remain a barrier for many to thrive in the field. These challenges are multiplied for women. What they are and what opportunities can we capitalize on, that is what I will be exploring with the audience.

Salam Al-Nukta
Activist,  founder and CEO at ChangeMakers

There and Back Again

Sigurlína will talk about what she has learned from working in different cultures, the importance of diversity in companies as well as teams and why friendships and trust are the best provisions for a journey.


Sigurlína Ingvarsdóttir
Production, Bonfire Studios